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Embody the Holy Grail of Your Soul

Legends speak of the Holy Grail - the Vessel that held the sacred life blood of Christ, the connecting link to your Divine Lineage of Light. But when the Grail is lost, the Kingdom, or ahem...Queendom becomes a wasteland, devoid of life, love, bleak and unexciting. The search for the Holy Grail is the search for our sacred soul. When we empty our self of the mundane and connect with our Divinity within, the Vessel of our Soul - The Holy Grail is filled with divine light and we shine like the sun. The Grail is the lost Feminine Bloodline of Christ, those women who love the Divine and choose to live a sacred and Anointed life. Join me and your soul sisters as we walk the priestess path together...in this powerful Grail Retreat.

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, an initiator and guide on the Priestess Path Lineages of Light®. I work with special souls who wish to embody real wisdom from real lineages and forge a direct connection to the Divine, live a life of radiance, and empower your sacred work in the world.


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Join Elizabeth and Your Sisters Live for:

Three Days of Ceremony & Teachings from the Lineages of Light


Drink in the Love of your Sistars
Experience Sacred Womb Blessing
Learn Healing Rites and Ceremonies


"My biggest takeaway from the Priestess Retreat is reclaiming my power over my womb and the responsibility I have to protect her." - Lisa Chang

Your Divine Feminine Soul is The Holy Grail

Woman is the Vessel for souls to come from heaven to earth. As the Divine Vessel, women have always held sacred positions of power, and it is time for them to return. When we ritualize our life and join together in sacred ceremony, we shed layers of worry and pain and join together in the celebration and uplifting of each other's souls and fill our soul with the light of the Divine as Vessel and Holy Grail.

Join Your Global Sisters

Join tens of thousands of women who have taken the Priestess Path Lineages of Light® programs and who are igniting their sacred work and temples of light across the globe.

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Experience Initiation

For thousands of years, in every land, women held the sacred mantle of Priestess. Women were in charge of temples, rites, and they held sacred vigil over births, deaths and initiations. Recover the wisdom that is your birthright.  No longer play small or feel out of place in an ever - ridiculous world that wants to forget the sacred. Initiation changes the soul from the deep inner recesses of our multidimensional self. Experience initiation into the sacred arts, and into a the timeless Divine Feminine Lineages of Light.


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Journey to Meet the Goddess

The Mother Goddess, Queen of Heaven, Divine Ancestress is waiting to receive you, to embrace you, and to give you gifts for your journey. Receive your priestess name, your holy charge and your priestess mantle.


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Get Guidance and Healing from the Spirit World

The ability to enter into the Spirit World is the art and mastery of shamans, medicine women and priestess from time-immemorial. We use the power of breath to journey into the inner and outer world of Spirit to receive guidance and healing.


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With Special Guest: Nina Starsong

Nina Starsong is an instrument of the Shekinah Grace sharing the ancient songs and frequencies to activate the Magdalene Christ DNA in every sister belonging to the order of the Rose. She will share a special Magdalene initiation at the Grail Retreat.


Dulcie Pitcher

 “I am changing my whole lifestyle. Learning that I can show up in truth and honesty, but be able to say no to things I do not want with gentleness and strength."

Bethany Walden

"The safety and sacredness of the breathwork workshop broke me open to release personal and collective grief + personal and collective rage for the Divine Feminine and our Mother Earth. So grateful for beautiful safe, sacred space you held."


"My biggest breakthrough was returning back to the seat of my soul. The motherly healing and incredible feminine wisdom was something I've been yearning to remember my entire life."

Giving Back:

A percentage of proceeds will go to helping the victims of the Turkey - Syrian earthquakes.